Post GaryCon

Back from GaryCon….three really awesome days in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. I cannot recommend this ‘Con enough. Small enough that you don’t have miles to walk. Big enough to attract a host of gaming dignitaries.

Probably the most exciting thing I heard was that Roger Moore (he of The Adventure Begins, the House on Summoner Court and numerous Dragon magazine articles) attended this year. He’d dropped out of sight for quite a while and I understand his wife dragged him there after what I would guess to be an invitation from someone like Luke Gygax. I hope enough love was thrown his way that he might come back at the very least to talk about his days at TSR on Jay Scott’s show (LordGosumba link is on the Homepage).

Have to thank a whole bunch of people for making this one a ‘Con to remember. “Greyhawk” Mike Bridges, Anna Meyer, Jay Scott, Kayla “TimeLordsWife”, Kristoph Nolen from Greyhawk Online, and of course, the inimitable carlos a.s. lising and Jeremy Breazeale. Got to chat briefly with Allan Grohe “Grodog”, Zach Glazar from Frog God, Mike Mearls from Hasbro/WotC, and a few friends I have gamed with in the past including my buddy Rex.

I played in an adventure in Blackmoor: The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg (yes, I cheated on Greyhawk, but how can you pass up one of the oldest dungeons written back in the mid-1970’s?). I barely made it out alive from Horror in the Huuls part 2 (written by carlos) run by Jay Scott, playing a Necromancer/Cleric of all things, and then saved the Oerth in c.a.s.l.’s Within His Flawless Symmetry, which took place in the library in Rel Mord. I played a priest of Pholtus, which is always a good time.

I didn’t know how much I missed being around actual people until I was there with everyone. I’m glad I went and am already making plans to go next year. Maybe I’ll see you there…

Until The Starbreak………..

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